At Your Next Event or Function ...
Strike Emotions, Tears And Create A Moment They Will NEVER Forget!

Soloist, Lee Tong

Can Make Your Event ...
Something To Remember!
Dear Friend,

Let me introduce myself, my name is Lee Tong and I am a trained, professional soloist. As a graduate of the University of South Florida's, School of Music I write and perform for various events, functions and congregations.
Need A National Anthem?
"No Problem... For What Country? What Language?
Recently I was asked to sing at a convention for their opening commencment, but they wanted three different national athems and wanted them sung in the native language. No problem. Later, when it was all over, I was approached by the promoter who stated that I had "touched and brought together a group of people ... it set the tone for the entire event".
Special Church Service?
No problem, I perform at many churches and all different denominations. I have even had congregation members request in their "Will" that I'm asked to sing at their own funeral service when the time arrives.

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